About Us


We generate sales through search engines such as Google, Bing etc.

Marketing strategy

If you need help in creating a digital marketing strategy, we can help you navigate the digital advertising landscape. We know about search, programmatic, email, affiliate, lead etc. Let us help you identify the best mix for you business in your industry

Inventory capitalization

If you have a website but you are not sure how to capitalize on your users, we can help you. Maybe you have implemented Google adwords tags, you have tried selling banners yourself or through a network, but revenues are not really in line of what you expect. Let us help analyzing your content. We can help you optimize your formats, capitalize on your user data through newsletters, audience extension, lead generation etc.

Our Awesome Team

The team currently consists of our two awesome founders, with combined 30 years of experience in digital advertising

Christian B. Willadsen

TECH / Founder

Christian has a broad technical background from 14 years in the online advertising industry. Christian has experience ranging from campaign management to software development and complex analysis.

Torsten B. Bruun

SALES / Founder

Torsten has worked in the online industry for more than 16 years. Torsten has primarily worked in management, sales and product development of mail, lead and affiliate products

Who is a typical client

We basically have two typical types of clients.

  • Small to medium sized webshop

    We help small to medium sized websites in optimizing the ROI of their online sales and marketing spending. This is done either on a consultancy basis or by offering to handle parts of the activities completely

  • Affiliate networks

    We help affiliate networks in driving search trafic to affiliate programmes

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